Marta's Story

It is our pleasure to introduce Marta to you! She is the newest member of Heather's Home and one of our greatest miracles. While we were looking for properties in Haiti, we came upon  home that was left half completed. Upon closer inspection, we found that an abandoned young lady, crippled with a palsy, was living there. She was lying on a concrete floor, nude on top of a pile of rubbish and human bio-matter. 

In all of our travels, we had never seen a human being reduced to such an animalistic condition. Our farm animals are kept in more of a sanitary condition than what we found Marta in. She had survived by screaming loudly until someone nearing the house would stop and give her something to eat or drink. Though we were not "set up" to deal with children in Marta's condition, we couldn't walk away. She was 16 years old and had been there in that condition for many years.

We then began the process of cleaning her up, feeding her, finding her a wheelchair and transferring her to Heather's Home. It was amazing to see the children welcome her into their home and go to great lengths to minister to her and keep her comfortable. Sooo ... sweet!! 

Marta is doing well with us, she continues to gain strength. She can now sit up on her own and uses her arms and legs significantly more than the day we found her. 

Caring for a young lady as special as Marta requires special care and while we are happy to do it, her care has increased our operating expenses by about $350 per month. We are looking for a couple sponsors specifically for her. She is a joyous addition to Heather's Home and often fills the house with singing. Please keep her in your prayers.