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The children of Heather's Home

                      Anna Gabrielle (Nesterline)                                                          Daniello   

                                  Duberson                                                                      Edlene

                           Guilene                                                                                Johanne

                                     Judith                                                                   MyDarline      
                                  Peter John                                                                  Rose Kinley

                          Valmond                                                                               Woodly

Getting ready for School
The children are all doing very well in school. In fact, many of them are first in their class. Every morning, the task of getting 12 children ready for school is truly a household effort. Pastor Euloge and his family oversee breakfast and make sure the children stay on task. Older children learn responsibility by helping their younger siblings. Click on the photos to enlarge.

Fun at Heather's Home
One of the children's favorite activities is coloring. In fact, they often chase visitors around the house asking when they can color. They love craft projects and get great joy out of the adults who spend time making bracelets, headbands and other projects with them. And, as you can see, they LOVE to style hair -- anyone's hair!

Around the house
Right now, Heather's Home is located in Port-au-Prince in a rental property. The house is beautifully cared for by the Euloge family, but lacks many of the comforts of home, as items like couches are extremely expensive and difficult to come by in Haiti. What the house doesn't lack is a true sense of family.

Where they come from
The images below are from the home that Woodly and Judith lived in before coming to Heather's Home. Their father, along with his ten other children, still live in the home. Their mother died in the 2010 earthquake. As you can see, the home is in disrepair and very dangerous. Woodly and Judith's father does everything he can to care for his children and is even able to send a few to school each day. Many of the buildings in Haiti still show the damage from the earthquake.

Johanne was brought to Heather's Home from a tent city. These communities still exist today.

The warehouse
When Rev. Earley visits Heather's Home, he buys food in bulk at a local warehouse.

Future plans
Rev. Earley is currently searching for property to build a new Heather's Home building. He would like to have a place with land to plant fruit trees and a garden. Land near water would allow for fishing in small boats like the one seen below. During a recent visit to Haiti, Rev. Earley visited a remote village to find possible locations.

Archive Photos

Heather's Home