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Nov 2010 Newsletter

posted Nov 29, 2010, 4:42 AM by John Earley

Nov 2010 Newsletter

Dear Family and Friends,

It has been a full year since Heather's Home was launched in November of 2009. When we started we had no idea of the challenges we'd be facing in 2010. We knew establishing a children's home in Haiti, the poorest country in our hemisphere, would be difficult on its best day. Never could we have imagined the devastating earthquake that would take Haiti and its children to a whole other level of poverty.

Thanks be to God, Heather's Home stood through earthquakes, aftershocks, monsoon rains, hurricanes, and plagues. Thanks to you, the warm-hearted, generous people I have shared my vision with, we made it through it all. All the children and staff are safe and well! To God, be the glory!

Over the course of the last year, our teams have made several trips to Haiti and have enjoyed numerous accomplishments:

·         We added 10 children to Heather's Home! Previously, these orphaned children were homeless in the streets, naked and uncared for in rural villages, or living in tent cities. Yet every one of them was still a unique, special soul, dear to the Lord and brimming with potential—just needing a chance in life. That opportunity came when they were brought to Heather’s Home! Indeed, these boys and girls were handpicked by God--snatched from the jaws of hopelessness, poverty, and despair. Now these children we have been entrusted with have a hope and a future.

·         Immediately after the earthquake last January Heather's Home became a staging area for securing and distributing thousands of pounds of food for the hungry.

·         We installed elaborate purification systems in other neighborhoods capable of providing clear, pure water to hundreds of people.

·         We provided and installed a 400 gallon reservoir for a tent city so that displaced people who had lost everything could at least have clean water to drink and cook with.

·         We were able to share mounds of food and provisions with three other orphanages. The children and staff were deeply touched that we would share our blessings with them during some of the most critical days following the earthquake.

Yes, by God’s grace, our first year was a great success! We've got one in the books!

As we move forward, Heather's Home is not without its challenges. We have mattresses for all our children, but no beds. We have food, but no table; a stove, but no refrigerator. We have lights, a few small appliances, and a water pump, but no electricity to run it all. The power grid is down almost constantly. Before the earthquake, Haiti would have power a few hours a day; after the earthquake, maybe a few hours a week - maybe. We need a generator very badly.

In addition to furnishings and power, we need a full sized pick-up truck, property to build our own building on, rent for the next year, and money to pay entrance fees to keep the children in school. Wow, a tall order! Just like in our own lives, our problems are not usually solved all at once, but taken one at a time we always seem to make it through. We will be putting up a “needs list” on the website. If you are interested, you will be able to check up on what our monthly goals are and how far along we are in accomplishing them.

We are launching two new innovations to help us advance toward our short-term and long-term goals. The first is to send out periodic short newsletter updates via email and Facebook. We want to keep you posted about the awesome things God is doing in this ministry so you can be part of it! We will include an information card with the newsletters we mail. You can fill out the card and send it back to me if you would like to be on our email newsletter list. Or, you can simply send me an email with your name and information letting me know that you'd like to be added.

The second thing we will be doing is an ongoing fundraiser. It is nearly impossible to ship to Heather's Home all the things that she needs. At the same time we find that people here tend to be very generous with donating material possessions. Since the option of shipping to Haiti from the United States is prohibitive, we are going to be selling things here in the States (i.e. via Craig’s List), taking the money down to Haiti, and purchasing what we need there. If you have anything you would like to donate for this purpose (ex: furniture, vehicles, appliances, electronics, etc) let us know. If it is in good shape and able to be sold, we will gladly and gratefully take it, convert it to cash and use it to bless our Haitian Family with what they need.

Also, on November 30, I will be taking a team of Love Aflame! Interns down to Heather's Home for a week. We plan to purchase the materials we need in order to hand make bunk beds and a large table. Please keep us in your prayers as we prepare to go and while we are there (November 30th - December 8th). We also intend to install a water purification system at the facility capable of providing chlorinated water to the Home as well as the neighborhood. Safe water is crucial to good health.

Thank you for your prayers and support. If we were alone in this thing, it would be too much for us--but together we can make something wonderful happen! I don't always like how it sounds when a ministry claims, "When you give to us, God will bless you", but after a year of working with these children, who are so dear to God's heart, I know that any gift, given to the least of these, His children, will touch His heart.

With love and appreciation,

John, Heather, William, Grace, Abagail, Garrett,

and most of all, from our Haitian-born family, God bless!


PS: We've made it to face book-- never thought I'd see the day! Look us up.
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PSS: Donations to Heather’s Home are tax-deductible.